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Smart Mobility


Pack'n drive offers new attractive, digital and relevant user experiences around intelligent mobility by considering the car as a service platform: Car as a Service (CaaS).

Our vision encloses new mobility services by connecting vehicles to applications that allow continuous interaction to provide an improved, digital and relevant experience.





Garage Appointment



To do this, we exploit the potential of technologies to create faster, smarter and safer services.



Connected Car






Smart Connected Claims Management



Chainly is a solution for reporting (connected) automobile claims. It automates a large number of transactional steps from claim submission to garage appointment.

Chainly is a suitable solution for :

  • private vehicles
  • car fleets
  • Information

    The Chainly solution :

  • Digitize the claim
  • Identifies critical practices
  • Secures and speeds up the process
  • Technologies :

  • Chatbot
  • Vehicles Data
  • Private Blockchain

  • Today the rescue phase is very seamless with the E-CALL, and we must maintain this dynamic in claims. This is why Chainly offers a new way to report claims , we want to set up experiments with the players in insurance, automaker and Smart Mobility.

    Using the Chatbot the customer can report his claim, ask for assistance, make an appointment with a garage. He can also ask questions directly to Chainly to find out about his contract or about the steps to take in the event of a claim.


    Chainly is modular and adapts to your needs.

  • Report a claim
  • Request assistance
  • Garage appointment
  • Garage appointment

    The appointment feature of Chainly, allows to increase the number of people attending mechanical workshops by simplifying access to the services and the infrastructures.

    RDV Garage is available on messengers and integrates directly into garage websites.

    Redefined UX


    2 Co-Founders

    Badri Ahmed

    Badri Ahmed

    Co-Founder & CINO

    Skema Business School - Paris-Dauphine
    Finance Consultant + 15 years
    Strategic and operational development of Pack'n'Drive

    Clément Beaujoin

    Clément Beaujoin

    Co-Founder & CEO

    EFREI Engineer
    Consultant & Senior Developer in Finance and Mobility + 9 years
    Supervision and technical development of Pack'n'Drive


    Car as a Service

    Pack'n Drive aims to be an important player in Car-as-a-Service, offering a better customer experience and muche simpler and transparent conversational interactions.

    Pack'n Drive uses breakthrough technologies, ChatBot & Blockchain, to offer a highly differentiating service.

    Between 1020 InsurTechs, only 2% use these technologies.

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